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Immediate Need

Our Services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you have experienced the death of a loved one, please contact the office nearest to you. 

Burial and Cremation Services

Cariboo-Chilcotin Funeral Service Ltd. offers dignified burial and cremation services to honor your loved one’s life and memory.




Custom granite and bronze monuments designed with the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. 

Orders can be placed at both 100 Mile House and Williams Lake locations

Where to Begin

Funeral services can be unfamiliar territory for many, with various processes, costs, and products involved that are unknown and often difficult to discuss. Our intention is to ease feelings of uncertainty by providing clear and concise information about the services we offer.


The Arrangement Process

Upon request for services, one of our licensed funeral directors will need to meet with the deceased’s authorized legal representative to begin the process of making arrangements. If the deceased has a will in place the “executor” is the individual responsible for making the arrangements and signing the documentation. If there is not an existing will, the funeral director must determine the legal next of kin as outlined by the “order of priority” under British Columbia’s Cremation Interment and Funeral Services Act. The funeral director will gather information about your loved one and family’s wishes, are they for burial or cremation services? The funeral director collects personal information about the deceased (vital statistics information) such as the date and location of birth, healthcare and social insurance numbers as well as their primary occupation. This information is used to register the death with British Columbia’s Vital Statistics Agency which then allows the funeral provider to generate the required documentation, including the original death certificate.


Costs Explained

         The cost of funeral services can vary greatly. As the purchaser, you have the right to expect a transparent and precise estimate of these costs before making a final decision. The licensed staff at Cariboo-Chilcotin Funeral Service Ltd., will provide information and an estimate based on the services you are interested in. Please reach out to the office closest to you via phone or email, we can schedule an appointment to provide you with a breakdown of costs and any other information completely free of charge and with no obligation to commit. We understand that making decisions about funeral services can be difficult, our goal is to make the process as informative, easy and stress-free as possible for you and your loved ones.

Some of the common expenses when considering funeral services include the funeral home’s fee for service, documentation and registration, transportation, and preparations for viewing and visitation if desired. There are many important areas of consideration; certain products such as caskets, and urns, cemetery costs, venue and possibly catering. The cost of these products will vary, Cariboo-Chilcotin Funeral Service Ltd. has worked over the years to develop and sustain great relationships with Canadian and local suppliers. The quality of merchandise can have a significant impact on the overall experience as well as the cost of funeral services.


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